About us

Our mission

Creating a Happier &

Wealthier Nation

We are a Wellway Business company that is helping people work and grow together and pursue a healthy, and active life. Our plan is to make everyone prosperous who is joining the company, Our business plan is meant for all to grow togather.

Our Vision

We Always Do

What’s Right

With impressive plan that is designed to make provide growth to everyone who joins hands with us, a company full of enthusiastic employees and encouraging community support, we lead a healthy, prosperous life for people around the world.

Our Belief

Work Ethics &


When we look in the mirror, we see honesty, integrity, humility, and faith. We demonstrate the belief that morality is never optional. And we respect each other and most importantly, ourselves.

We Work Together

We learn we teach. We follow, we lead. We help one moment and accept help the next. We never stop collaborating, which makes us unstoppable. We have fun. We keep things simple. We celebrate the individual, and the team, in each of us.

We Build It Better

We are an agent of change in our communities. Transforming entrepreneurial spirit into daily motivation as we build a healthier and happier life for our customers – and ours. We are a company with a great business plan that are helping people lead healthy and active lives. Our plan are exclusive and one of it’s kind and is available through our affiliates.

Bank Account Details

Name: Wellway Online Private Limited
UPI PVA Code: eazypay.571564294@icici
Mobile Number: 9888065411
Email Address: wellway2511@gmail.com

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