Main Guidelines

  • First of all, candidate registered in our company and get the online Wellway page on google for lifetime with personal business ID.
  • Candidate will have to pay one time registration fees that is 515 only. Which can be paid by any mode of payment.
  • When you join our company you have 27 days’ time period to done your target (to join five persons with our company). If you not able to done your target within 27 days your ID will be blocked by the system automatically and after that you never rejoin our company again.
  • The Wellway company manages the whole system by the formula of 5*5/5.

  1. It is compulsory for every person to work on 25 persons in their team.
  2. The company gives the business payout to every candidate in seven steps (one by one).
  3. After completed the seven steps every candidate’s business payout will be blocked by the system business ID will be active for lifetime and willing candidates can rejoin our company with the same procedure.
  4. All steps manages by the company’s system software.

Bank Account Details

Name: Wellway Online Private Limited
UPI PVA Code: eazypay.571564294@icici
Mobile Number: 9888065411
Email Address:

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